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Ben Trumbo

Ben Trumbo

Ben Trumbo is a professional drummer from California, was born into the music business and has played and recorded with many of the greats; his passion and power behind the drums lifts the room with huge swells followed by sultry dynamics and finesse. 

He is a longtime member in The Blackout Cowboys with Ian Lamson on lead guitar, has played with Bob Weir, Chris Duarte, Jay Jesse Johnson, members of Albert Kings Band, Elvin Bishop Band, Tower of Power, also former members of The Starship, Malo, Van Morrison, The Caledonia Soul Orchestra, Ry Cooder, The Steve Miller Band, Dave Schools (Widespread Panic), Ricky Martin, Dan Kanter, has played most recently with The Unauthorized Rolling Stones, recorded with Jerry Miller, BOOMBOX, Former Bands also include The Curtis Lawson Band, Bobby Webb, The Fashion Slaves, Trumbo Walker Circuits, The Children of Time, “1978” with Zion Godchaux, The Hold Outs, Funky Beulah, 2nd Row Tickets (Sunburn Records), They Have Landed, The Royal Threat with Mike Varney (Shrapnel Records, Blues Bureau International Records) and 21st Century Blues Band, and many others.


Ben Trumbo brings a remarkable feel with his warm inflections and nuanced playing, a tight pocket with the rhythm section, a greatness and fullness taking songs and the music to spiritual heights, and creates a magic distinct sound with his ghost notes, subtleties, and power.

December 2024 Ben teamed up with the Carmen Ratti Band featuring Jill Dineen to add the finishing touches required.

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