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Dave Mehrwein



Dave comes from a very musical family. Dave’s father was an accomplished trumpet player and his mother was an accomplished concert pianist and piano teacher in the East Bay. At age 7, Dave moved to San Francisco and studied with his mother piano teacher until age 16. Dave’s older brother plays clarinet, saxophone and flute. He is currently playing Lake Oswego Millenium Concert Band and Jazz Band in Oregon. Dave’s sister played flute and bassoon in her school years.


Dave was introduced to and learned to appreciate all styles of music at a very early age. All kinds of music, especially Jazz, was always on in the Mehrwein household.


During his middle school years, Dave branched out from piano and started playing brass instruments.


Dave started with trumpet in middle school playing in the band, jazz band and orchestra. He also branched out in the brass family playing Valve Trombone, Baritone Horn, Tuba and ended up playing IMHO the most difficult brass instrument, French Horn.


On the piano, electric piano and organ, Dave begin playing Rock, Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Funk, and Rhythm and Blues during his high school years.


In high school, Dave played in many different local bands. Keyboardists were few so the number of opportunities to play gigs and parties were many.


Over three summers during middle and high school, Dave auditioned and played in SF Public School’s “Music Summer School” Jazz band and orchestra at Lowell High School. At that time, a number of the top San Francisco Symphony Orchestra musicians were mentoring and teaching and performing with the selected high school musicians.


Dave currently throws himself fully into the roll of keyboardists for the

Carmen Ratti Band

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