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Carmen Ratti Band featuring Jill Dineen win the 2023 Golden Gate Blues Society #internationalblueschallenge.
On to Memphis January 2024
International Blues Compitition

The Carmen Ratti Band featuring Jill Dineen is steadily earning its way as one of the most sought-after blues bands in Northern California, and straight into the hearts of blues fans everywhere. With scorching, high-energy performances, raw, powerful lead vocals, superbly emotive guitar, an exceptional groove, and an inspired, dynamic mix of show-stopping originals and steamy, innovative covers, this Bay Area band delivers in every way. 


Formed in 2018, the Carmen Ratti Band started with a singular vision: to assemble the best of Bay Area musicians, and produce real, moving, and distinctive original music, all while paying homage to blues originators. The band recorded its debut album, The Road Back, with critically acclaimed musician and producer Kid Andersen at the famed San Jose-based Greaseland Studios in 2021, and has been working to grow an enthusiastic fanbase of support ever since. With countless club and festival dates and private events under its belt, the Carmen Ratti Band featuring Jill Dineen is stretching again, looking to stake its claim beyond the Bay in 2024. 


Fresh off a Golden Gate Blues Society International Blues Challenge win, The Carmen Ratti Band featuring Jill Dineen is primed and ready to share its original sound and authentic message to a worldwide audience in January 2024 in Memphis, TN.


The Carmen Ratti Band, featuring vocalist Jill Dineen, brings their high-energy contemporary blues to every show. With powerful originals and steamy covers, this Bay Area blues band delivers powerful performances for club venues and festivals of any size.


Review by Sherri Jones
Assistant Executive Director

at John Lee Hooker Foundation
Board Member Fountain Blues Festival
DJ at KZSU 90.1 Stanford

The Carmen Ratti band featuring Jill Dineen and their debut album The Road Back doesn't disappoint.  With Carmen's electric guitar amplified in the tradition of the blues and Jill's strong vibrato voice brings a rich warm tone with depth to each song. This especially rings true with the upbeat boogie Make You Mine, a Woman in Control, which resonates on each track of the album. Also In control and expressive on keys is Dave Mehrwein, with DeMar on Drums and his solid sense of timing, bringing a groove to each track. On bass Dave Minor, composes a simple beat on the spot, always ahead on each track.  Little AI written by Carmen features an instrumental beat inspired by Albert King which clearly stands out with its intensity and rawness.


CD Reviewed By

Sherri Jones

DARYL HAWKINS - Can't Stop The Blues - Sacramento Blues Society


Hey everyone! I had to take a moment to shout out the incredible Carmen Ratti  Band featuring Jill Dineen  for their mind-blowing performance last night at Club Fox Redwood City . They absolutely rocked the stage and left the crowd speechless!

First off, let's talk about Carman Ratti's exceptional guitar skills. His fingers moved so effortlessly along the strings, producing electrifying solos that sent shivers down my spine. His command of the instrument is evident in every note, showcasing his immense talent and dedication.

And let's not forget about the powerhouse vocals of Jill Dineen! Her voice was an absolute force to be reckoned with. She effortlessly hit high notes that reached the heavens and delivered emotionally charged lyrics that resonated with everyone in the room. Her stage presence was captivating, and it was impossible to look away while she performed.

The chemistry between Carman Ratti and Jill Dineen on stage was undeniable. They fed off each other's energy, creating a dynamic and engaging performance that left us wanting more. They seemed to be in perfect sync, complementing each other's talents and bringing the music to life.

The entire band was a well-oiled machine. The tight rhythm section, infectious bass lines, and expertly executed drum beats provided a solid foundation for Carman Ratti and Jill Dineen to shine. The musicianship displayed by each member was awe-inspiring, demonstrating their immense skill and dedication to their craft.

I must also mention how grateful I am to have witnessed this incredible performance as they embark on their Road to Memphis at the IBC. It's clear that the Carman Ratti Band featuring Jill Dineen has what it takes to make it big. Their passion, talent, and genuine love for music are sure to carry them far in their journey. I wish them nothing but great success and cannot wait to see what the future holds for this remarkable band.

If you haven't had the chance to experience the Carman Ratti Band featuring Jill Dineen live, I highly recommend you do! Their electrifying performance will leave you in awe and craving for more. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Here's to the Carman Ratti Band featuring Jill Dineen and their road to Memphis at the International Blues Challenge  (IBC) – may their star continue to rise and their music touch the hearts of many

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